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The Power of Intuition

The Power of Intuition Intuition is often thought of as a mystical force, an inexplicable inner voice guiding us through life’s myriad decisions. However, far from being a product of the supernatural, intuition is grounded in our experiences, emotions, and the subconscious absorption of information, synthesised into insights that consciously, we may not immediately understand…Read More

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The Benefits of Downsizing

The Benefits of Downsizing As we age, our needs and priorities change, prompting many to consider downsizing. While the decision to move to a smaller home can seem daunting, the benefits often far outweigh the challenges. Here we explore some of the key benefits of downsizing.   Financial freedom One of the most compelling reasons..Read More

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Write a Bucket List

Write a bucket list Having dreams is part of what fuels our hope and drives our ambitions, at any age. And a bucket list can be a compilation of those dreams, desires, and goals that we have kept close to our hearts, waiting for the right moment to bring them to life. Here we aim..Read More

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Healthy Grieving

Healthy Grieving Grieving is a normal and personal process that everyone goes through differently. Older people may have experienced multiple losses and be facing their own mortality and subsequently find the grieving process more overwhelming than they would have when they were younger. Here we discuss what constitutes healthy grieving and how those who are..Read More

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Anxiety Exposed

Anxiety exposed How to Recognize and Manage It in Your Daily Life   Life can be a rollercoaster of emotions, and anxiety is one that many of us experience at some point. As life goes on, the challenges and transitions we face may bring about feelings of unease and worry. Here we explore how to..Read More

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Caring for pets in winter

Caring for pets in winter While we warm up in winter with jumpers, jackets, heaters and extra bedding, we may over look our pets in this time. Like us, they too take time to adjust to the cooler months. Pets also benefit from some changes in their environment, diet and habits to cope when its..Read More

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Coping with Change

Coping with Change As we grow older, we can experience quite a lot of change in our lives. The changes that are associated with retirement, declining health and moving home can be challenging at any age. Dealing with change can lead to feelings of anxiety and stress, but the good news is that there are..Read More

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A Grandparent’s Guide to Empowering your Grandchildren

A Grandparent’s Guide to Empowering your Grandchildren As a grandparent, nothing gives you more satisfaction than seeing your grandkids happy and achieving their dreams. However, you might find it challenging to know how to support and encourage them in pursuing their passions. Fortunately, there are various ways you can empower your grandchildren’s dreams and help..Read More

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Is Your Home Grandchild Ready?

Is Your Home Grandchild Ready? Getting your home ready for a visit from your grandchildren is important, not just to protect your own home and valuables, but also to protect them. The best way to enjoy this time is to be prepared. This involves keeping them safe, keeping your home and belongings safe, and everyone..Read More

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Have I Been Hacked?

Have I Been Hacked?   Electronic devices such as smartphones and laptops are valuable tools that can greatly enhance your life, and in today’s digital world most of us have some sort of smart technology. As technology advances, so do the risks of your electronics being remotely hacked. Therefore our devices require attention and security..Read More

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