Meet our team: Paul Image

“Insurance companies use terminology that can sound like a foreign language – we’re here to translate.” For more than six years, our travel and general insurance consultant Paul S. has been making sure COTA Insurance customers understand their policy before they take out cover.

What’s your role at COTA Insurance?


I’m a travel and general insurance consultant with COTA. I’ve arrived here in July 2013 from a role servicing mortgages for one of the big banks.


Why did you choose to work with us?


Someone I knew told me about COTA Insurance and said it was the place to be. They said it was a friendly workplace with knowledgeable staff.


What’s something you like doing when you’re not at work?


I’ve recently discovered the delights of becoming a father! Before my daughter arrived, my wife and I relished taking holidays all over the world, having weekends away, and movie and game nights. Now we have an extra bundle of fun who has recently discovered her voice and sets new time records for laps around the kitchen island. We’re looking forward to taking her on journeys with us around the world.


What do you think makes COTA Insurance different to other insurers?


We make sure our customers understand their insurance cover. Insurance companies use terminology that can sound like a foreign language – we’re here to translate.


What’s something people might not know about COTA Insurance?


If you start an online quote through our website, you can call us with the quote number to check what you’ve done when you’ve finished. We can explain what you’ve chosen and setup the cover for you if still needed– it’s all part of our service!


Can you describe a time when you were really proud to work at COTA Insurance?


I’m always proud to work here. We make sure customers come first and we know they appreciate us because they tell us that we’ve made their life a bit easier or helped them feel more confident that they’ve chosen the right company. We also receive many calls from the friends and family of our customers. That gives me confidence to say we deliver exceptional service. It’s also nice to know profits go back to the community to support older Australians.


What can someone expect when they talk to COTA Insurance about their needs?


That they’ll speak with someone who is patient and understanding, knowledgeable and can explain the cover options in plain English.


Remember, when you call us on 1300 1300 50, you can ask to speak with Paul or any one of our friendly team by name. It’s all part of the personal service you can expect from us.